A rimless toilet: advantages.

Humankind lives on the Earth for several thousand years now, but if we want to live for another few hundred years on the planet, we have to start to care about the natural resources( especially water ), which means that we should save them. We all know that without drinking water we won’t be able to survive, but still we are quite irresponsible when comes to reduce water usage.

Thankfully all those, who want…

Thankfully all those, who want to save water and reduce its pollution( on a small scale )can install a rimless toilet. A rimless toilet was invented as an answer to the increasing demand to water saving bathroom fixtures – but a rimless toilet installed in the bathroom will not only reduce the amount of water used per flush. Its’ main advantage is the fact that by installing one you can significantly reduce the number of germs. Usualy the best breeding ground for germs in a typical toilet is the place under the rim, where access is rather difficult and even if we use excessive amounts of detergents we don’t have any guarantee that we killed all germs.

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Rimless toilet is a solution to that…

Rimless toilet is a solution to that problem, because it has no rim at all, which means that the germs have no fine breedning ground available and we don’t have to use as much detergents to clean the toilet, thus saving water and the environment!.

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