Accessories for disabled

Surprisingly enough, adjusting a bathing room to the needs of disabled persons isn’t difficult at all. What’s more, quite contrarily to what many people think, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do. It is pretty difficult to account for a fairly common statement that disabled-friendly bathing rooms and lavatories are terribly expensive to make.

A lot of people would say…

A lot of people would say that some very serious changes are needed and they are just bound to be costly. However, this isn’t really true when we have a closer look at the problem under discussion. It is just enough to ask a disabled person to know that accessories for disabled don’t cost a fortune and they can be purchased from any major store with sanitary ware equipment. The accessories for disabled, then, have to include a couple of most basic items which make the life of a disable person much easier. First of all, a showering chair is needed so that having a shower isn’t a problem anymore.

Then 2 or 3 anti-slip…

Then 2 or 3 anti-slip pads on the floor are needed so that the risk of falling over gets absolutely minimised. Finally, a set of grab rails right next to the showering cubicle are also needed in order to ensure a safe going into and out of the enclosure. Concluding, accessories for disabled have proven to be pretty affordable and available from any major store.



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