Corner bathtubs: advantages.

When we finally can afford to buy our own house or flat, we sometimes forget about a few important things and as a result we buy a house with large living room, spacious kitchen, wide anteroom, comfortable bedroom and quite small bathroom. But this is not a tragedy, because we have some possible solutions for that problem and of course some of them aren’t very easy and cheap( like rebuilding the house ), while other ones are quite interesting( installing corner bathtubs in every bathroom ).

It is obvious that corner bathrooms…



It is obvious that corner bathrooms are significantly cheaper than even the smallest attempt on rebuilding anything in the house, but is their cost the only advantage. All owners of corner bathtubs would probably answer that of course not and the advantages are numerous: for example corner bathtubs require less space than a regular tub and also are installed in the least used place in the bathroom( a corner ), which means even greater increase in the amount of available space. They can also be easily adapted to a role of the shower tray, which is considered by some people a nice side effect, while others install this type of tub due to this versatility.

Moreover, a bathroom with corner fixtures looks…

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Moreover, a bathroom with corner fixtures looks very modern and very cool!.

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