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Apparently, it doesn’t really take a lot of effort to make your bathing room look really cool. All you need is a furniture washbasin which great for style and design as well as for practicality on a daily basis. According to a recent survey, a lot of people tend to think that design and practicality just can’t possibly go together as one.

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They think that it’s either all about functionality and no style at all or it’s the other way round. In fact, however, the two functions are very easy to combine as can be seen in case of a furniture washbasin. In the way of style, a furniture washbasin features a whole variety of different wood finishing available. For starters, there is pine finishing which is a good cheapskate alternative to more expensive options. A slightly more demanding and style-orientated customer can order mahogany, oak or even ebony to be used in their furniture washbasin. Speaking of functionality, though, a furniture washbasin also scores very high.

Because it allows for the space between…

Because it allows for the space between the basin and the floor to be used, you can put there a good couple of drawers which means a lot of space for your accessories and other bathroom accessories. Then there’s aesthetics. Apparently, a furniture washbasin serves great as a cover up for drain pipes.

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