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If you’re looking for style and functionality in the bathing room, make sure you check washbasin cabinets out. Apparently, they’re capable of providing a lot of storage space for your things and, at the same time, they can be made to look very stylish. So far in the history of bathroom furniture it has been pretty difficult to mate design with functionality.

However, those washbasin cabinets appear…

However, those washbasin cabinets appear to be exactly the right thing in the right place. First of all, washbasin cabinets serve the two functions very well. From a practical point of view, they give a lot of storage space thanks to the fact they use up the gap between the floor and the basin. Having in mind the average basin height, you’re likely to end up with 8 or 9 drawers worth of storage space. Speaking of style and aesthetics, though, washbasin cabinets work great as well. A customer is welcome to specify almost any kind of wood to be used to make his cabinet.


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The variety includes pine wood, oak, ebony…

The variety includes pine wood, oak, ebony and even mahogany. Having such a huge range of different wood types, it is possible to make washbasin cabinets correspond with your furniture located in other rooms. Finally, from a purely aesthetic point of view, washbasin cabinets cover up the entire drain installation which would normally be visible to the naked eye.

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