Why people buy corner bathtubs?

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine which trend is still actual and which has „expired” – this is completely normal nowadays and should not surprise anyone. But this also makes it difficult for many people to decide whether they should buy something( for example corner bathtubs )or not, because they fear to be not trendy.

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For some reason this way…

For some reason this way of thinking affects not only the clothes we wear or the colour of the walls in our house, but also designs of kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. While of course it is very important to design the bathroom in a functional and beautiful way, there is absolutely no need to be trendy at all costs: if we have three bathrooms in our house and want to have corner bathtubs in all of them, it’s our choice. And the fact that currently square-shaped tubs are more trendy should not be a reason to not install corner bathubs.

ideal bathroom

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Moreover, corner bathtubs are really very…

Moreover, corner bathtubs are really very efficient when comes to saving the available space in bathrooms, especially in those small ones. It is also worth mentioning that corner tubs can be easily adapted to the role of a shower tray, which is another good reason to use this type of tub.


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