Are bathroom decorating ideas fleeting?

After the exhausting day, at work, university or when raising the children, we deserve the moment of magic. For me, when I want to forget about it all, the best solution is to take a warm, one hour long bath in my superbly designed bathroom. In this part of house I calm down with most pleasure, as I have an absolute privacy and no one will bother me with their problems and needs.

Are bathroom decorating ideas fleeting? – gallery



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What is crucial, though, is to have your bathroom well arranged, and as we all know the bathroom decorating ideas are not easy to find. I hunted for bathroom decorating ideas nearly everywhere: in popular magazines, specialized interior design press, I made a research among my friends and neighbors. And after that entire hassle I realized that with the best bathroom decorating ideas I came up during the bath. Have a bath in your old bathroom, from that perspective look around, and try to think what you would like to change.

Keep a notebook and a…

Keep a notebook and a glass of good red wine prepared and note down all the ideas, even those which seem improbable. Fast you will notice for example that the white tiles are playing on your nerves and you would like to have them in other color, or that the bathroom cabinets are in very uncomfortable location. The bathroom decorating ideas can be very fleeting, so do not forget to write them down.

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