Bathroom storage problems – and solutions

In small apartments, storage is always a problem. And small apartments mean even smaller bathrooms, which equal – naturally – even bigger problems with bathroom storage. Fortunately, there are plenty tips and tricks that can be employes to make good use of all available space. When you have to furnish a really small bathroom, the priority isn’ t usually style or preferences – it’ s functionality.

Often, people cram their small bathrooms full…

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Often, people cram their small bathrooms full of mismatched cabinets/shelves/accessories just because they fit and can provide some sort of bathroom storage. Not only doesn’ t it look good – the resulting space is usually less than functional. We believe you don’ t have to take such desperate mesures for the sake of increasing your bathroom storage possibilities. A few easy solutions can help. First of all, shelves – even a small bathroom can always fit several well-placed shelves, and it’ s quite easy to find those that complement the decor, or at least don’ t clash.

Remember to use space high…

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Remember to use space high up – it’ s perfect to store rarely used items or spare articles. Next – containers. All types of decorative, yet functional baskets and boxes help contain the clutter and store things in an orderly fashion. Last – nooks and crannies. A shelf built into the wall or under the tub. A small cabinet under the sink. Be creative!.

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