Do ideal bathrooms exist?



Always when designing the bathroom we ask ourselves the same question again and again. And too often we get lost in the flow of trends, styles and offers available on the market. Please find below some useful tips that will help you to achieve the ideal bathrooms for your house. Firstly ask yourself what kind of colors you find most attractive.

Are you a fan of the vivid…



Are you a fan of the vivid saturated colors. Go Mediterranean says the first tip. This spring we recommend the use of wild orange, lapis lazuli and Greek ornaments of the tiles. Do not be afraid to apply your imagination while arranging your ideal bathrooms. If you prefer more rustic style, waterproof wooden flooring will let you escape from the whiteness of tiles and enhance the interior of your bathroom with homely feeling. For those who prefer the tiles, the variety of colors on the market is overwhelming. Spice up your bathrooms and smile and relax each time you enter.

Another crucial aspect is proper lighting -…



Another crucial aspect is proper lighting – the lamps made of colorful stained glass will convert your bathrooms into a magical kingdom of pleasure and relaxation. Even some crystals or prisms placed near the window will disperse the light and add a special touch. This season spoil your senses with your newly refurbished ideal bathrooms.

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