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Toilet seat covers, especially this made from paper are especially important in public toilets, where we have to care about hygiene. Well-equipped public toilet have to have such paper toilet seat covers. Nowadays, also such simple bathroom element as toilet seat and lid can be extraordinary.

If we are looking for…

If we are looking for inspirations on the internet, without no doubts we’ll find a lot of various models. We can be really surprised by some of them. For example we can find toilet seat with razors embedded inside plastic. This model is probably chosen only as a gift, because I can’t imagine normal person, who decide to buy such toilet seat with razors to its home. If we want to have an extraordinary looking toilet seat, we can decide on some covers. They are made from delicate materials and thanks to that we can feel more comfortable.

Of course we have to remember about…



Of course we have to remember about regular washing to keep them clean. I saw various covers on the internet, they were really colorful, some of them were really funny. If we want to feel comfortable in every public toilet and we are not sure if we’ll find there paper covers we can buy some and have always in our bag.

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