Victorian bathrooms: luxurious and comfortable

Bathrooms are often considered by us as a place, which should be only functional – the more functional, the better. We somehow forget about one simple, but extremely important fact: bathroom should be a place, where we will be able to relax by taking a long, hot bath for example. „Relax” is a keyword here – and where one could relax more than in victorian bathrooms.

Of course real victorian bathrooms…

Of course real victorian bathrooms are not very common in our houses due to the fact that they are very expensive if arranged with the use of original equipment from the era. But we have the opprotunity to design our bathroom in a victorian way and then such bathrooms can be called victorian bathrooms. To make a bathroom victorian we will need some space, because a bathtub( a footed one – this is mandatory )will be placed in the center of the place. Another piece of equipment that is mandatory in victorian bathrooms is a wooden( preferably mahogany )bathroom vanity, which will be not only decorative, but also very useful to store detergents and towels.

We will also need to find a…

bathroom design


We will also need to find a toilet with high tank( it also should be wooden and mahogany is rather obvious choice here )as well as use some skills to decorate the bathroom nicely.

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