We’re in the bathroom store – now what?

So you decided to redecorate your bathroom, and the first thing you did was to go to the bathroom store. Oh my. You’ re in trouble, aren’ t you. All the possibilities, all the styles, and help, would this work with that. Okay, first: don’ t panic. We’ re here to help. First of all, relax. If you’ re already in the bathroom store, you can just as well take a stroll around and look at all the goodies.

Put your credit card back…

Put your credit card back in your bag and just dream a little. Can you imagine your bathroom after the redecoration. What does it look like. Does it have a tub or a shower enclosure. Maybe both. Is it a wet room or a bathroom suite. No, wait, don’ t go too far – at least stay realistic about the space you have to work with. Now look arounf the bathroom store. Can you see anything that you love at first sight. That you would really want to have in your new bathroom. Good – take a piece of paper and write it down: the brand, the type, all the numbers and dimensions.

Don’ t buy anything yet…

Don’ t buy anything yet. If it’ s your first visit to the bathroom store after your decision about redecoration, you should just look around, take notes, and then go home and do your research, plan out the design, look through ideas to get inspired, compare products and prices. Or just hire a company to do it for you.

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Foto: 4homeinterior.com

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