What are ideal bathrooms?

Have you ever wondered what ideal bathrooms are for you. Are you more into practicality and reliability or perhaps what matters for you is the outward appearance of the sanitary ware items. No matter what your answer to these questions is, we need to resolve at the very beginning that we all differ in our judgements concerning beauty.


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What seems marvellous for one person, might be a complete eyesore for the other. I suppose that what lies at the bottom of it is what kind of criteria we adapt to make our judgements. Personally, I think that ideal bathrooms are not the luxury bathrooms or the ones which have been equipped with state of the art technology, but rather the ones which are practical and reliable, the ones which will stand the test of time. I have seen many ideal bathrooms in my life and I must tell you that it is indeed most important whether the items installed in the bathing rooms are sturdy. That is just to say, sanitary ware items are used at least a couple of times on a daily basis so that it is extremely important that they are properly made.

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