What shower trays should we choose?

I found it interesting that bathrooms in our flats are almost always too small to be really comfortable and that we have to put some effort to actually make them spacious and user friendly. And, obviously, the best solution for a not very spacious bathroom is to not even try installing a bathtub, but rather a shower, which needs less space and is a bit more water efficient.

But what shower trays will…

But what shower trays will be best for us. The choice is actually very wide – currently are available on the market all types, kinds, sizes and colours of shower trays – it is then certain that we will find something that fits our needs( and wallet ). Nonentheless, we may have heard that plastic shower trays are better or that ceramic shower trays are expensive, etc, etc. The truth is somewhere between – of course plastic shower trays are cheapest option, but they are also not even nearly as durable as ceramic ones, not to mention the fact that the latter( ie.

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ceramic )are pretty much insusceptible…

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ceramic )are pretty much insusceptible to stains and deformations, which may be important factor if we weigh a bit more than average human being. And last, but not least: buying more durable ones is more expensive, but in the long run we won’t spend money on a new tray next year, because the ceramic one will serve us for many years.

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