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Our bathrooms are often very cluttered and uncomfortable to use because for some reason we don’t want to seriously consider a radical change in equipment and design. Although there are available many interesting and very modern solutions to the most common problem of not enough free space in the bathroom many of us still want to use bathtub no matter the obvious advantahe of a shower enclosures.

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Even the largest ones, equipped with square…

Even the largest ones, equipped with square shower trays, are far more space efficient than a bathtub. Some people seem to be completely resistant to all kinds of facts and arguments and they will never believe that shower enclosures with square shower trays are really better than bathtubs – especially in tiny bathrooms. But all those, who are able to change their mind should consider some facts: ceramic square shower trays are perfect for oversized people due to their very high durability, insusceptibility to strains and almost perfect stain resistance.


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Plastic square shower trays on the other hand are cheap, easy to install and available in shallow and deep versions, so they can be used as a small tub after plugging the drain hole. The amount of space gained after installation of one of square shower trays is really amazing and often changes uncomfortable bathroom into quite a cozy one.


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