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Ever felt like you desired something more than what you’ re currently calling a bathroom. A place more convenient, a spa-like centre of relaxation, bathroom products of the highest quality. Well then, now’ s a good time, as turning the place into a wet room of your dreams has never been easier. With hundreds of manufacturers competing with one another in both quality and price of their bathroom products, it has not only become easier to equip your place with the highest standards of gadgets, but also to do it for a song.

Say your base budget is…

Say your base budget is $5000 – what do you get. A brand new oasis of comfort and practicality. What’ s going to consume the biggest part of your savings is unfortunately the tub itself. That’ s why you might want to look for the bath first in the local stores and then compare your findings with whatever bargains you find on the net. The rest of bathroom products, such as screens, taps, lighting or brassware shouldn’ t vary in the price department greatly, so there won’ t be much of a chance to cut the expenses there. Still, when buying bathroom accessories, don’ t be afraid to ask the manufacturer what the life expectancy of the product is.

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