Concealed cistern – necessary or useless?

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Nowadays a concealed cistern is more and more often sight in our bathrooms – probably the main reason of installing one is their growing popularity and the fact that( due to the design )it is hidden from our eyes, making the bathroom less „cluttered” visually. Many people consider this particular piece of bathroom equipment unnecessary and even dangerous, but should we really be afraid of any unpleasant surprise.

A first and the most…



A first and the most common argument against installing a concealed cistern is a possibility that our concealed cistern will break when inside the wall, which will destroy the wall due to severe water leakage. While of course such possibility exists, it is highly unlikely that a correctly installed concealed cistern will actually break or be damaged without a reason( which usually means „withouth breaking the wall itself” ).

There are of course defects in the…

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There are of course defects in the manufacturing process, but during the installation every concealed cistern should be very thoroughly inspected by a plumber, which should be enough to find any possible defects. Another argumant against a concealed cistern is „and what if I will decide to install a typical one after some time?”. Of course in such a case it may be problematic, but that’s also the reason to not hurry when deciding about installation of a concealed cistern.

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