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Not sure about you, but I strongly feel that we, as a society, are seriously misinformed as far as various recent redecoration trends and fashions are concerned. Even more so, we are not only misinformed concerning the recent trends, but also there is a serious lack of information concerning the standard sanitary ware items.

For instance, one of my friends…

For instance, one of my friends was recently looking for some bath screens to be installed in the bathrooms of a hotel which he owns. To our great surprise, there was very little info about bath screens in the media. And this is exactly what prompted me to write this note. I would like to appeal to those who are in power, i. e. the owners of sanitary ware manufacturing companies mainly, to be more thoughtful when dealing with advertising of their products.

I suppose all of us could…

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I suppose all of us could use a good add of bath screens here and there, just to let us know what is going on in the industry now or to give us a chance to compare different models and designs. I think it is high time something was changed, as we have hardly any opportunity to see any bath screens in the media. But we, customers, want them and demand more of them be shown!.

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