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It is obvious that we all would like to have a beautiful, unique and luxuriously arranged bathroom or kitchen, but somehow in the vast majority of cases we do nothing( or almost nothing )to make the dream come true. Our bathrooms are very similar to the bathrooms in our friends’ houses and we use exactly the same solutions as most people.

This is, thankfully, easy to…

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This is, thankfully, easy to change – for example you can mount your sink to the wall using sink brackets. Sink brackets are used instead of cabinets of pedestals, on which typically they are mounted, so this solution is quite unique itself, but that’s not all – sink brackets, especiallythose retro-style ones, are very often beautifully designed and have really nice shapes, ornaments( sometimes they look like ornements themselves. )and they are made of strong, durable materials so there is no fear that they will cause any trouble. When comes to the availability of sink brackets, you can find them in many stores, but the best place to look for them are Internet auctions, where you can buy some really vintage ones for quite reasonable prices.

Or, if you have enough time…

Or, if you have enough time and a possibility, you can visit the nearest flea market and look for some brackets there – most probably you will find them in no time!.


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