Floor-standing toilet bowl

A floor-standing toilet bowl appears to be a great solution if you’re after a cheap and a functional lavatory solution. Quite contrarily to what it might seem, they seem to be pretty stylish as well. A classic floor-standing toilet bowl design has changed very little over the years. Apparently, there is no reason for making any substantial changes because the whole design works perfectly.

A floor-standing toilet bowl has a lot…

A floor-standing toilet bowl has a lot of advantages over more expensive, wall-hung models. For example, then, due to the fact that they actually stand on the floor, no complicated installation process is required. And a floor-standing toilet bowl proves to be cheaper as well. As we know, a lot of people are actually concerned with style and design and for this reason they claim a floor-standing toilet bowl cannot possibly be even close to being stylish. As it turns out, though, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A classic design remains fashionable at…


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A classic design remains fashionable at all times regardless of the current catalogues issued by major sanitary ware manufacturers. Concluding, affordability and timeless design are the most important advantages of using a floor-standing toilet bowl instead of more sophisticated and more costly options.


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