Furniture washbasin

Surprisingly enough, a furniture washbasin goes far beyond typical capabilities of a typical basin. In fact, a furniture embedded basin serves as a design connection between a bathing room and the rest of the house. People don’t generally have high hopes for a bathing room to be something more than just a practical and functional place that you have to visit a couple of times a day.

However, fitting a furniture washbasin…

However, fitting a furniture washbasin can change the situation a lot in that it helps to create a kind of stylistic connection. It is very often the case that bathing rooms do not have anything to do with other rooms in terms of style or design similarities. A furniture washbasin, though, can be arranged in such as way as to provide that missing link. The key part in providing the aforementioned link is wood finishing commonly found in furniture washbasins. The range of options varies considerably which is great news because you’re bound to find the one that suits you best.



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Pine wood is usually the…



Pine wood is usually the cheapest option available with ebony, oak or mahogany being available as far more costly varieties. Depending on the amount of money you’re willing to spend, a furniture washbasin will be a piece of design with all the practicality and functionality of a regular basin.

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