Innovative Twyford showers

The sanitary ware market offers a great number of different shower designs which are a reflection of customers’ demand at the moment. However, when it comes to Twyford showers, quality and innovativeness are always a priority. A variety of shower units currently available on the market boggles the mind in that it features both aesthetics and modern technologies.

Innovative Twyford showers – gallery

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Tyword shower, for example, have always been a perfect example of the above-mentioned statement. A recently launched range of Twyford showers feature even more innovative functions which are bound to make your showering experience absolutely stunning. Top of the range Twyford showers have been fitted with a microchip with a memory bank which allows for saving custom programmes with regard to water stream intensity and temperature.

Those cutting edge Twyford showers,…

Those cutting edge Twyford showers, then, aren’t just trays fitted into a bathing room and connected to water and drain pipes. In a way, the Twyford products form an integral part with the bathing room which is why the entire installation and piping isn’t visible to the naked eye.

The use of computers, then, allows the user to specify just once the desired temperature and intensity of the water stream which means no further adjustments and efforts are required. One only needs to turn on the showering unit in order to enjoy perfect temperature water experience.

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