Saving money with urinals

A monthly water bill contributes to other monthly expenses that a pub owner has to pay. However, by fitting more urinals it seems to be possible to actually reduce the amounts of money spent on water bills. Traditionally, pub goers enjoy a pint of lager and that is absolutely normal. However, it often happens that a pub is crowded because it’s a Friday night or it’s football on television.



Then the toilets have to manage an…

Then the toilets have to manage an increased traffic which often leads to queuing. However, there is a cheap solution to the above-mentioned problem in the shape of urinals. Installing a set of urinals is bound to reduce the queues by a significant degree because urinals are much faster than WCs. Then there’s the money. Urinals prove to be not only cheaper to buy but also cheaper to run because they manage to use far less water than regular WCs.

ideal bathrooms


A popular pub owner will also appreciate the fact that urinals aren’t really complex as sanitary ware products which means they’re unlikely to develop leaks and that makes them absolutely non-serviceable. Therefore, a pub with many guests should have a lavatory with 1 or even 2 sets of urinals because it simply pays off. Proper toilets, on the other hand, should be limited to a reasonable minimum.

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