Small bathrooms for those who care about the Earth

Have you bought recently a new apartment for you and your family. Was it a real bargain. Is it in the best possible location, not too far from your workplace, but also very centric. If you are absolutely happy about it, but a little worried about the small bathrooms, you can chill out now.



The huge bathrooms, with their huge…

The huge bathrooms, with their huge baths are the main cause of wasting the electric energy and water. In our household, 70% of water that we waste comes from the bathroom. The huge cisterns for flushing toilet that do not recycle the water from the washing machines, the deep baths with the capacity of hundreds of liters of water that get wasted every day, the dripping taps- there are many ways in which we recklessly waste water. Luckily, it is easier to be eco-friendly now, thanks to the small bathrooms. The bathroom manufacturers realized finally that if they offer the water-saving products like small bathtubs, small toilets, tap meters for the small bathrooms, they become not only eco-friendly but also more attractive for their customers.

bathroom inspiration


If we decide for one…

If we decide for one of the propositions for the small bathrooms, we do not only prove that we care about the environment, but also we will gain a skillfully designed bathroom suite.

ideal bathroom


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