Compact wc set fits every bathroom.

Many of us have small bathrooms and we are trying almost everything to increase the amount of available space and to make our bathroom at least a bit more comfortable. There are several very effective methods to do that, but some of them, like for example rebuilding the house, can’t be considered easy and cheap even if they are very effective.

One of the cheapest methods,…

One of the cheapest methods, however, is installation of a compact wc set, which has some additional advatnages. A first significant difference after installing a compact wc set is the look of your bathroom: if will look definitely more modern and will become more spacious and comfortable. If you can afford to spend some more money, you can think about removing also some other pieces of your standard bathroom fixtures and about installing some „corner equipment”, which means even more space available for the user. But let’s focus on a compact wc set for a moment longer – it is not only smaller, but also definitively more water efficient, which means saving significant amount of water every month, and this means lower water bills.

Compact wc set fits every bathroom. – gallery

compact wc set




Almost every compact wc set is equipped with a dual flush system, which even further increases the water efficiency of your new toilet and makes you really environmentally friendly.

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